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Build healthy habits for lasting results

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We’re in your corner

Day 1 starts with choosing a health coach based on your goals and preferences — someone to guide, motivate, and support you. They’re always available through text, phone, or video in the Vida app.

On-demand support and motivation

Whether you need a cheerleader or a drill sergeant, your coach will keep you accountable through frequent check-ins and provide expert advice along your path to healthy habits.

Success is in the palm of your hand

Reach your goals with your personal health coach

Choose the best program for you

Improve your health while eating foods you love

Chat with your coach when it works for you

Find the right program to fit your need

Vida uses technology and human coaches to build a custom program for you. You can learn the basics of nutrition, build fitness habits, or manage chronic conditions — little changes that can change your life.

Physical Health

Mental Health

Our members say it best


Reduced stress and anxiety


Lost 25 pounds


Lowered his A1c