Vida Health becomes the only virtual care solution with 100% fees at risk for both physical and mental health

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Clinically meaningful outcomes that last

Sustained outcomes across a broad spectrum of physical and mental health conditions

Best-in-class average outcomes across Mental and Physical programs

Weight Loss

≥ 7%
Weight loss
(1 year)1


1.4 pt
A1C reduction, % points
(4 months)2


of those with stage 1 hypertension improved by 1+ severity stage
(4 months)3


(6 months)4


(6 months)4

Medication Adherence

Improvement in 
medication adherence
(4 months)5


(6 months) 4

Seniors Weight Loss

Weight loss among seniors aged 65+ years old
(1 year)1


A1C point reduction in those focused on both diabetes and depression
(4 months)5


of onboarded members still use Vida 6+ months after starting 6


Net Promoter Score showing excellent user satisfaction across programs6

The Vida platform is purpose-built to prevent, manage, and reverse diabetes — especially in people who also have other physical or mental conditions. It serves diverse populations by driving the behavior changes that prevent chronic conditions and reduce the need for expensive, reactive care.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Vida’s outcome-based programs are different from any other virtual healthcare platform because Vida was designed from the ground up to treat the whole person and the full breadth of physical and mental risk factors that affect diverse populations.

Mental Health
Mental Health

Vida serves the mental health needs of diverse populations using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and our nationwide network of coaches, therapists, and other professionals. Through a personalized program, Vida can address the mental stressors everyone faces, from everyday irritations and poor sleep to anxiety and depression.

Why Vida’s approach lowers costs

Sometimes stress, depression or anxiety cause health problems. Other times they just make them worse. In every case, though, treating both the body and the mind leads to better, lasting outcomes. Vida is the only virtual care platform built to treat polychronic conditions. It’s why our members see sustained clinically meaningful outcomes that lower costs and improve whole health.


42 years old

Vida Member 8 months


50 %

GAD and PHQ scores

in 13 weeks

Weight Loss+

11 %

weight loss (30 lbs)

in 6 months

Vida members like Tara see sustained clinically meaningful outcomes.

In fact, Vida members who see a 50% reduction in depression and anxiety scores are 2 times more likely to achieve clinically significant weight loss.

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