Decode your Craving

Whether it is a mid-morning slump or post-dinner cabinet raid; sugar cravings, when left unchecked, can derail your healthy lifestyle. Instead of blaming the need for a sweet treat on a lack of willpower or motivation, assess the origin of these cravings and fight them from the source. Some common reasons for sugar cravings include:

  1. A lack of nutrients: If you are deficient calories, protein, healthy fats or specific vitamin the body reacts with intense cravings. Solution: work with your coach to find what may be missing the piece!
  2. Blood sugar instability: When you are stressed or eat on an erratic schedule, your blood sugar takes a hit. Ideally, we like to keep blood sugar stable by eating a balanced meal or snack every 2-4 hours.
  3. The serotonin cycle: Sugar triggers this ‘feel-good’ hormone release, contributing to the repetitive nature of cravings. Instead of grabbing that last cookie, increase your mood with exercise, read a book or get out in the sunshine (all sugar-free ways to increase serotonin!)