How Vida Addresses Social Determinants of Health for Better Diabetes Outcomes

The social determinants of health (SDoH), or the social and economic conditions that influence individual or group health outcomes, deeply impact the physical and mental health of underserved communities across the US. The lack of access to necessities like healthy food, affordable healthcare providers, and even technology like smartphones, can make staying healthy nearly impossible. This is especially true for the nearly half of Americans who suffer from multiple co-occurring chronic health conditions. As an HR leader, you are probably wondering, how can I provide accessible and effective healthcare for all of my employees, regardless of their zip code?

Robert is like many of your employees. He suffers from multiple chronic health conditions, lives in a rural area that is far from grocery stores and healthcare providers. With Vida, Robert worked with a provider to create a personalized health plan that allowed him to learn how to change the behaviors he needed to live a healthy and happy life.

All of your employee’s needs are different. Robert’s challenges may be like some of your employees, while others will have their own unique needs that are impacted by SDoH. Learn how personalization can help overcome SDoH in our latest guide, How Vida Addresses SDoH for Better Diabetes Outcomes.