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Address a full range of chronic conditions and the mental health conditions that accompany them.

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Polychronic by design

Nearly half of Americans have more than one chronic health condition — including your employees. From depression to diabetes to stress, Vida is the only solution designed to treat the wide range of conditions that are driving up costs and driving down quality of life.

Polychronic by design Polychronic by design
Every chronic condition is a mental health condition

Every chronic condition is a mental health condition

Good health follows good habits. Vida’s providers are experts at using behavior science to deliver sustained results and better outcomes.

Learn how a Fortune 100 company achieved sustained clinical outcomes through Vida

Cutting edge technology and a human connection

Vida’s machine learning technology provides a personalized treatment program, while our nationwide network of therapists, coaches, dietitians and CDEs provide the empathy, accountability and human connection that drives members to reach their health goals.

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Cutting edge technology and a human connection
Evidence-based programs that deliver outcomes

Evidence-based programs that deliver outcomes

Our rigorous clinically-backed programs bring lasting change to our members’ health, along with meaningful reductions in claims and costs. Our average book of business reductions in stress, anxiety, and depression exceed 50% in 6 months. We average 12-month weight loss of more than 7% across both overweight and obese populations.

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One modular platform for the conditions that matter to you

Whether you need just one solution or a full range of programs to prevent, manage and reverse chronic conditions, our robust technology makes it easy to deploy exactly what your population needs.


Chronic Conditions

Mental Health


  • “Since December 17th (right before the holidays) I have lost 15 lbs. I will be down another 9 lbs before end of March.”

  • My mind and my body have become more positive, healthier and more relaxed since I started this journey with Vida. It’s made a happier person Quitting smoking has truly saved my life.

  • My coach is completely non-judgemental, she understood my problem and broke it down to the smallest unit of work. She helped me to break through the blockers that prevented me from being active and get me to commit to starting walking after work.

  • Reaching my health goals was in my grasp but you have to be motivated to make those changes. I learned to listen to my body and focus on what works for ME. If it weren’t for Vida, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. Coach Melisa held me accountable and our weekly calls kept me motivated to stay on track.

  • Before I started working with Vida, if I got distracted, my whole day would be ruined. Now when I get distracted, I bring back my awareness and forgive myself.

    The most important thing I’ve learned with Vida is to forgive myself. I’m not going to change in a day, it might take 6 months, or a year. But now that I’ve started to see things improving, I feel happy and calm.


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Reduced stress and anxiety


Lost 25 lbs


Lowered his A1c