A new approach to obesity management

We're treating obesity as a disease to get your people the outcomes they deserve

Successful obesity management isn't a number on a scale

How GLP-1s, lifestyle changes, and deprescribing can work together

Weight loss is top-of-mind with news coverage of GLP-1s, a growing obesity epidemic, and rising healthcare costs. With over 42% of Americans living with obesity, that makes obesity management just an even more critical driver in population health. Obesity is a complex disease that needs comprehensive care approach to see meaningful outcomes.

In healthcare, obesity-related costs alone exceed $173 billion a year, with an additional $8.65 billion attributed to employee absenteeism. Obesity also increases the risk of developing other conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer: conditions that cost the US healthcare system over $500 billion a year. That makes an effective solution incredibly important for organizations caring for their populations.

Now more than ever, employers are feeling the pressure to engage an obesity management solution. A recent survey noted that 44% of Americans would switch jobs if a new one offered better obesity care coverage.

While offering an obesity management solution is a worthy goal for benefits leaders, it’s important to recognize what success looks like. You might’ve heard that “at least 10% weight loss should always be the goal.” Unfortunately, that’s a mass oversimplification. For most people, the health benefits of weight loss are achieved within that 5-10% weight loss range. Additionally, it’s biomarkers like blood sugar levels, A1C and blood pressure actually tell a fuller picture of someone’s health.

Employ a clinical approach

Obesity outcomes come in all shapes and sizes — literally

Vida Health takes a clinical obesity management approach, which means people get the care they need, at the level it’s clinically appropriate.

That means obesity management looks different for each person, as do their goals. That’s why leaders have to offer a personalized approach for their people to see success.

Biomarkers measure how well the body responds to care. In obesity’s case, diabetes, weight loss, and hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) all inform successful outcomes.

A comprehensive approach to prescribing

GLP-1s a type of AOM weight loss medication that — when partnered with behavioral change — can lead to lasting outcomes. Over 60% of those living with obesity are interested in a weight loss solution that includes GLP-1s. Vida has the capability to prescribe and desprescribe all types of AOM medications.


Reduce costs by treating obesity as a disease

See significant cost savings with Vida Health

By partnering with Vida, each member of your population will experience a personalized care approach. That means they’ll have the opportunity to work with hands-on coaches, get the medications they need, and access to licensed professional like dietitians and therapist.

With our flexible clinical approach, obesity outcomes are an extension of our wrap-around care. Our care providers offer a comprehensive approach with both physical and mental health support. That way, outcomes are driven by meaningful behavior change that reduces costs and maintains results.

Are you ready to offer your diverse population meaningful obesity outcomes?