Cardiometabolic care can be costly

Get obesity and diabetes outcomes without breaking the bank

Treat co-occurring cardiometabolic conditions together

Better outcomes. Lower costs.

Obesity and diabetes are co-occurring conditions that see better outcomes when treated together. Untreated cardiometabolic conditions like these also drive significant healthcare costs. The US spends over a trillion dollars in obesity-related costs every year — $306 billion on diabetes alone. In fact, healthcare costs for adults with obesity are $1,861 higher per person than those for people considered to be at a healthy weight.

Obesity treatments like GLP-1s are popular, but can be incredibly expensive themselves. Organizations need to find ways to make sure members get the right kind of care for their circumstances. Obesity management solutions can offer responsible care and curb costs.

Most members get successful outcomes without GLP-1s

GLP-1s are one type of weight loss medication that — when partnered with behavior change — can lead to lasting outcomes. Over 60% of those living with obesity are interested in a weight loss solution that includes GLP-1s.

However, successful obesity management doesn’t require GLP-1s right off the bat. Some (if not most)  people can see meaningful outcomes through more cost-effective alternatives. That’s where a step-therapy approach to obesity comes in.

Only prescribe GLP-1s when clinically appropriate

Obesity step therapy ensures appropriate medication utilization

Obesity management looks different for every person depending on their goals. They need a personalized approach that curbs costs, while helping them see success.

Vida Health takes a “step therapy” approach, which means people get the care they need, at the level that’s clinically appropriate. Many succeed with behavior change alone, and others with cheaper medications than GLP-1s. For some, their care team might find GLP-1s as the best approach.

Vida partners with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and prescribers to get members the right level of care, including medications when needed. All while keeping costs in check.



Can obesity step therapy curb costs for your organization? Download our guide.

Employers, PBMs, and cardiometabolic solutions can partner for better outcomes

Work with Vida for integrated care for obesity, diabetes, and related conditions

Employers and individuals alike are growing tired of fragmented point solutions. That’s why centralizing your cardiometabolic care into one app and one care team is so important. With Vida, member care includes behavior change, condition management, and anti-obesity medication prescribing, all in one place.

Are you an employer looking to curb obesity costs? We work with the biggest health plans and pharmacy benefits managers to integrate your member experience and tamp down costs. Talk with your carriers or PBM today.