The easy button for GLP-1 management

Employers can more easily manage GLP-1 costs with Vida thanks to live integrations with major PBMs

How can benefits leaders manage GLP-1 costs without compromising access?

GLP-1 access for those who need it, alternatives for those who don’t

Many people want to lose weight, and with news about GLP-1s like Wegovy all around us, employers are being asked to provide access. A KFF study found that 6% of all Americans were currently on a GLP-1 as of May 2024, and that percentage is only likely to grow. However, these meds simply aren’t cost-effective for many people. Employers can provide financially sustainable support for their whole population by choosing a solution that both offers clinical care and integrates directly with their pharmacy benefits to facilitate FDA-aligned medication coverage. Many people won’t require meds at all, but the right holistic solution will provide non-medication options for them too.

Prior authorization alone isn’t enough

Why traditional solutions don’t work to mitigate GLP-1 cost trends

A well-worn path to controlling medication costs is implementing strict prior authorization (PA) requirements that create hurdles to medication access, but these requirements don’t catch all instances of inappropriate prescribing. Another is simply cutting GLP-1s from the formulary, but people eager to get them anyway may choose to pay out-of-pocket for lower-cost compounded versions (which the FDA cautions against). These tactics are unsuccessful at reducing costs at best, and may lead to catastrophic outcomes at worst.

Integration with pharmacy benefits is key to effective obesity management

While PBM prior authorization systems have historically been the sole gatekeepers to medication coverage, virtual care solutions offer a unique new option for benefits leaders by connecting into these systems in novel ways. Employers can pre-approve these virtual care solutions so members evaluated through their validated programs can avoid PA hurdles altogether. Few solutions receive this privileged access, though.

Employers, health plans, and PBMs trust Vida’s evidence-based care, which is why they’re willing to integrate with Vida as a pre-approved “gold-carded” prescriber so Vida members who truly need anti-obesity medications have an easier experience.


It’s easier to manage GLP-1 costs with Vida

Vida integrates into pharmacy benefits through PBMs

Vida has pioneered innovative and flexible models for PA integration, giving employers more options to manage costs no matter their benefit structure.

Employers choose Vida because it’s easy to get started using existing integrations with their PBMs and health plans.

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