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Vida Health puts 100% of fees at risk

Virtual care provider Vida Health is guaranteeing outcomes through a new pricing structure that breaks ground among providers of both physical and mental chronic care.

San Francisco, Oct. 18, 2021 — Vida Health, a leader in virtual chronic care, is guaranteeing outcomes through a new value-based pricing structure that puts 100% of Vida’s fees at risk for both mental and physical chronic outcomes.

The new package was launched at HLTH 2021 in Boston, making Vida the first virtual healthcare provider to offer value-based pricing in both the physical and mental health space. The virtual healthcare market is overwhelmed with point solutions that struggle to prove their value and as a result buyers are looking for guaranteed outcomes. While many see the benefit of value-based models that offer such guarantees, few virtual healthcare services have adopted them.

“Since the beginning we’ve prioritized delivering best-in-class physical and mental health outcomes in everything we build, from the product to the care teams and now the pricing model,” said Vida Health Founder and CEO Stephanie Tilenius. “Now that we have a solid foundation of proof from peer-reviewed clinical studies and our growing book of business, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Nothing shows more confidence in the value we bring to employers and payers than putting our fees on the line knowing that we’ll deliver meaningful outcomes.”

The new structure delivers care with fees at risk for clinical and engagement outcomes across the full spectrum of physical and mental health conditions Vida covers — obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and more. In contrast to healthcare’s traditional fee-for-service approach, this model aligns incentives for both Vida and the employer or health plan client to drive enrollment, deliver quality, measurable outcomes, manage costs, and realize medical cost savings. Vida’s approach of treating body and mind together delivers outcomes that reduce medical costs by 10-20%.

Vida has full-stack virtual healthcare solutions in both English and Spanish and serves members in all 50 states. Vida’s clients include employers like Boeing, Visa, Cisco, and eBay, along with some of the country’s largest health plans like Centene, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

About Vida Health

Vida Health is a virtual care company intentionally designed to treat mental and physical conditions together. Vida’s clinically validated approach combines an AI-powered, personalized mobile app experience with a national network of high-quality providers who work in a high-touch, care team model that maximizes engagement, outcomes and savings. Vida’s app offers video sessions, asynchronous messaging, and digital content and programs to help people prevent and manage chronic conditions — like diabetes and hypertension — and the mental conditions that accompany them — like stress, depression, and anxiety. Some of America’s largest employers and health plans trust Vida’s whole health offering.

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