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Quick Takes: Driving better accountability from your benefits vendors

Quick Takes: Driving better accountability from your benefits vendors

About the webinar

As the cost to treat chronic cardiometabolic conditions like obesity or diabetes continues to  rise alongside the desire to drive more equitable care, it’s no surprise HR leaders are evaluating their current vendors and partners. Whether you want to see more rigor behind outcomes or better cost savings, there’s no need to settle.

In this webinar, you will …

Learn the types of clinical benchmarks and associated ROI guarantees you should expect from your partners
Find out how a consolidated approach can effectively close gaps in care and drive meaningful ROI
Discover what can make transitioning vendors a seamless process to drive better results
Learn how a single solution can deliver effective cardiometabolic management across multiple conditions like obesity and diabetes along the spectrum of acuity

Featured speakers


Kevin Knight

Chief Marketing Officer
at Vida


Gretchen Zimmermann

VP of Clinical Strategy
at Vida

Caroline Susie RDN, LD

Principal MercerWELL, Spokesperson for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
at Mercer

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