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Equitable by design: How to bridge the health gap through obesity care

Equitable by design: How to bridge the health gap through obesity care

Can your organization’s health outcomes be considered successful if they aren’t equitable?

Health inequities drive up the prevalence and mortality of cardiometabolic conditions — like obesity — in vulnerable populations. They’re bad for health outcomes, and they’re bad for your bottom line. The grim reality is that 80% of all Hispanic Americans are overweight or obese, and they’re 20% more likely to become obese than white Americans. Aside from language, barriers like access to quality food, life-changing medications (including GLP-1s), and affordable healthcare continue to remain a fact of life for many immigrant communities across the country.

Our webinar with a guest expert from the National Hispanic Medical Association explores how:

A personalized step therapy approach to obesity, including GLP-1 prescribing, is the best way to bridge inequities in obesity management and scale outcomes
Robust clinical training and RD-led care teams can adapt healthy habits and eating to any culture
Inclusivity goes beyond language translation to deliver appropriate healthcare

Featured speakers


Gretchen Zimmermann

VP of Clinical Strategy
at Vida

Linda Mirdamadi

Keck School of Medicine
University of Southern California
National Hispanic Medical Association


Kevin Knight

Chief Marketing Officer
at Vida

The intersection of DEI and SDOH:

How can you make a real impact on employee health?