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Obesity’s mental health connection

Obesity’s mental health connection

About the webinar

Obesity is a chronic health condition influenced by both a person’s environment and their choices. The holiday season in particular shines a spotlight on most factors (mental health fatigue, work/life balance, diet, exercise) that lead to excess weight.

Emotional eating, for example, is tricky year round, but with the heightened stress and anxiety around the holidays, it’s evident that mental health impacts physical health. Physical health and mental health have a clear connection, and yet conditions like obesity continue to be approached solely from a physical symptom perspective.

How do we best address the issue at its root and develop holistic solutions to tackle the broader aspects of well-being?

Join us for a discussion on:

  1. Obesity as both a chronic physical and mental health condition
  2. How underlying stress, anxiety, and depression drive lifestyle habits that can lead to obesity
  3. Why responsible GLP-1 usage includes lifestyle interventions

Featured speakers


Gretchen Zimmermann

VP of Clinical Strategy
at Vida

Dr. Louise Short, MD, MSc

Brown & Brown Insurance


Kevin Knight

Chief Marketing Officer
at Vida

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