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The frightening connection between the economy and chronic disease

The frightening connection between the economy and chronic disease

About the webinar

We’re already in the midst of a chronic disease crisis in the US as nearly 40% of the country has 2 or more chronic physical and mental health conditions. Add to that the rising costs of staying healthy — things like healthy food, preventive care, and medications  and you’ve got a perfect storm brewing. Is there time to prevent it before system-wide healthcare costs skyrocket even more?

We think so.

Built right, chronic care solutions help treat existing symptoms while instilling behavior changes that slow or prevent long term progression. Improved, lasting habits like healthy eating,  exercise, and medication adherence can stem the tide and well trained providers can help members adapt healthy habits to any budget.

In this webinar, learn how:

  • Economic downturns make social determinants even worse
  • Well-trained providers can adapt healthy patterns to any budget
  • Financial insecurity contributes to mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Treating the body and mind together leads to sustainable behavior change

Featured speakers


Gretchen Zimmermann

VP of Clinical Strategy
at Vida

Dr. Patrick Carroll

Chief Medical Officer
at Vida


Kevin Knight

Chief Marketing Officer
at Vida

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