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Vida announces medical prescribing services for physical and mental health

Vida adds prescribing and medication management capabilities for physical and mental health, supported by physicians and nurse practitioners.

San Francisco, May 10, 2022 — Today Vida Health announced its expansion into new medical prescribing services for treating physical and mental health conditions together, solidifying its position as a leader in comprehensive cardiometabolic virtual care. Medical prescribing capabilities will enhance the care interventions Vida providers can use to help members with higher-severity conditions see greater health improvements. This service will also help Vida’s business customers achieve greater value and access to broader levels of care when offering virtual chronic care to their populations.

“As a physician, I’ve seen that some patients do well with behavior change only, and others benefit from also using medications and devices,” said Patrick Carroll, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Vida Health. “At Vida, we know that treatment doesn’t stop with a prescription. We always pair prescriptions with therapy or coaching through sustained human relationships with our providers to make sure members have the continuous support they need to be successful.”

Organizations seeking value and access to care for their whole population once had to resort to implementing multiple siloed point solutions to address both subclinical and higher-acuity care needs. Now, advances in virtual care enable these organizations to use one full-stack solution to give easier access to personalized treatment across broad populations and risk levels. People with commonly co-occurring conditions like diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and more can make greater progress when treating them together than alone. With its network of licensed professionals spanning 50 states, Vida also coordinates care with members’ primary care physicians as needed to ensure a seamless member experience.

With licensed providers, including prescribing physicians and nurse practitioners, Vida’s medical prescribing services unlock broader treatment options and better outcomes across the spectrum of physical and mental chronic conditions. Highly personalized care plans adapt prescription approaches to each member’s needs — from prescribing to deprescribing to medication management.

“With an overwhelming number of virtual care options on the market, our clients are looking for ways to holistically cover their highest-cost members,” said Stephanie Tilenius, Founder and CEO of Vida Health. “When we realized you can’t treat physical needs without mental health support, we built a model that does both. Through years of experience delivering integrated care, we’ve found an opportunity to support our higher-severity members with the option to add, remove, or change their cardiometabolic prescriptions.”

But prescriptions are only part of the picture, Tilenius highlights.

“Particularly for complex cardiometabolic conditions with co-occuring mental health issues, it takes more than medication alone,” she emphasized. “Other tools like labs and devices are critical. We want to accelerate access to these tools for those who may benefit, and that’s why we’re so excited to announce our medical prescribing services.”

Vida was built from the ground up to address the roots of co-occurring chronic physical and mental health conditions through sustained human relationships with therapists and coaches, enhanced by technology. Vida’s comprehensive care pathways are designed to meet the diverse needs of entire populations. As with all Vida services, prescribing will follow a holistic, individualized approach — with some members starting new medications, some focusing on adherence, and others reducing or removing medications.

Vida’s full-stack virtual healthcare solutions for chronic physical and mental health conditions serve members in all 50 states in both English and Spanish. Clients include employers like Boeing, Visa, Cisco, and eBay, along with some of the country’s largest health plans such as Centene, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Vida has proven clinical outcomes across a range of conditions, including diabetes, depression, hypertension, anxiety, and weight loss. Vida is the only virtual chronic care solution in its class to guarantee outcomes through a value-based pricing structure that puts 100% of Vida’s fees at risk for both physical and mental chronic outcomes.

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