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Vida Health Announces Spanish-Language Medical Prescribing Services for Physical and Mental Health

Vida adds Spanish services for its prescribing and medication management capabilities for physical and mental health, supported by physicians and nurse practitioners.

SAN FRANCISCO, SEPT. 28, 2023 — Vida Health announced its expansion into Spanish-language medical prescribing services for treating physical and mental health conditions together, solidifying Vida’s position as a leader in comprehensive cardiometabolic virtual care and its commitment to equitable care.

Vida’s Spanish-language medical prescribing capabilities will enhance the care interventions Vida providers can use to help Spanish-speaking members with higher-severity conditions see greater health improvements. This service will also help Vida’s business customers achieve greater value and access to broader levels of care when offering virtual chronic care to their populations.

This achievement marks the culmination of more than a year of dedicated efforts from Vida’s talented cross-functional teams. The implementation of Vida Prescribing in Spanish is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that Vida’s Spanish-speaking population receives the highest quality of care.

The new capabilities allow Vida to provide Spanish-language parity in its prescribing service. The company’s Spanish-speaking population can now enjoy the same seamless and efficient prescription services as its English-speaking members. To streamline the prescription process, ensure clarity in medical consultations, and improve the likelihood of medication adherence, Vida created the functionality to have 3-way calling within the Vida app. This feature also enhances communication between patients, prescribers, and when necessary, a translation service.

“At Vida, we demonstrate our dedication to equitable healthcare by providing services and treatments that are effective and easy to navigate,” said Ray Lee, Chief Product Officer for Vida Health. “For members who prefer Spanish, we offer that at all encounter points, including now with prescribing and follow-up medication management care. The introduction of our 3-way calling feature also allows us to expand into other languages in the future.”

In 2020, Vida Health became the first major chronic disease management platform to add a fully-supported Spanish program to its services. Vida’s Spanish-language service allows Spanish speakers to fully engage with the Vida app and their coaches, therapists, registered dietitians, and care navigators completely in Spanish. Vida’s Spanish-speaking programs lead to real outcomes. In a 2022 peer-reviewed paper, Vida’s culturally adapted diabetes program saw a 1.2 pt A1C reduction between baseline and follow-up and a 1.6 pt A1C reduction among participants with high program engagement. The user experience combined with best-in-class outcomes led to an NPS for our Spanish-speaking members that currently stands at 91.

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