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Vida Health Successfully Reduces A1C Levels Among Low-Income Medicare Advantage Members

New outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of Vida interventions regardless of socioeconomic barriers.

New research presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 83rd Scientific Sessions showed that Vida Health’s virtual cardiometabolic program significantly lowered A1C levels in low-income Medicare Advantage members, even in areas with limited income and food access.

The study compared Vida members living in areas of low income and low access to food, classified using the USDA’s Food Access Research Atlas, with members who did not live in these areas. The results demonstrated that, irrespective of socioeconomic barriers, Vida interventions led to an average A1C reduction of -1.38 points in individuals with a baseline A1C level of ≥9, underscoring the program’s effectiveness in delivering equitable care.

“Diabetes is a complex disease that is heavily influenced by social determinants of health,” said Richard Frank, MD, MHSA Chief Medical Officer for Vida Health. “Nearly half of Americans struggle to pay for basic necessities like housing and food. At Vida, we understand that healthy living can be challenging, with many aspects out of the individual’s control. We’re committed to providing the highest quality services and resources to help promote nutritional health for anyone, regardless of where they are on their personal health journey, or what type of access they have.”

Vida’s intervention included remote sessions with Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists as well as content related to goal-setting to account for social determinants of health (SDOH). The findings suggest that Vida is able to deliver equitable care across SDOH barriers and that interventions that target SDOH as part of diabetes management can be effective in improving glycemic control in this population.

Vida’s virtual cardiometabolic solutions serve members in all 50 states in both English and Spanish. Clients include employers like Boeing, Prudential, Cisco, and Bass Pro Shops, along with some of the country’s largest health plans like Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

These meaningful SDOH-agnostic outcomes are the latest positive results from Vida. Vida has significantly improved clinical outcomes across a range of conditions, including obesity, diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, depression, and anxiety. Vida is the only virtual chronic care solution in its class to guarantee outcomes through a value-based pricing structure that puts 100% of Vida’s fees at risk for both physical and mental chronic outcomes.

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