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Cardiometabolic 101

Cardiometabolic 101

About the webinar

Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and other cardiometabolic conditions, deeply impact an organization’s bottom line while diminishing the livelihood of their workforce. But when it comes to treating them, many solutions still rely on antiquated, siloed approaches to care. This approach delivers less meaningful cost savings and outcomes while failing to solve the real problem at hand: the co-occurring nature of chronic cardiometabolic health conditions.

Just like an iceberg, cardiometabolic health often only shows a tenth of its size above the surface. How can we better recognize and treat the co-occurring nature of cardiometabolic conditions to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes?

In this webinar, learn how:

  • Cardiometabolic conditions are often misunderstood and treated within silos
  • An effective solution must include treatment of physical and mental health comorbidities
  • A single, integrated solution can deliver better clinical, engagement, and ROI outcomes for organizations and their workers

Kevin Knight

Chief Marketing Officer
at Vida

Dr. Richard Frank

Chief Medical Officer
at Vida

Melissa Tucker

Vice President, Health Transformation
at Aon

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