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Quick Takes: Bending Cost Trends Through DEI and Wellbeing Strategies

Quick Takes: Bending Cost Trends Through DEI and Wellbeing Strategies

About the webinar

Following years of uncertainty fueled by reactivity to economic pressure and the pandemic, 2023 is set to present employers with a unique set of challenges and opportunities as they look to create more stability for their people. A rapidly shifting business environment, downstream financial and clinical effects from the pandemic, and a stronger emphasis on total wellbeing for all employees will inform HR leaders’ strategic planning. Why is this inflection point different from others in previous years?

In this webinar, learn how:

  • Insights from recent and emerging financial, clinical, and population health trends
  • How to design a response that integrates better financial management, diversity, equity, and inclusion, while delivering on a healthier workforce
  • The components of a differentiated approach to cardiometabolic condition management, a leading driver of cost and absence for employers

Featured speakers

Dr. Richard Frank

Chief Medical Officer
at Vida

Veeneta Lakhani

Chief Growth Officer
at Vida

Ron Fontanetta

Strategic Advisor
Consulting at Vida

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