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Validation Institute confirms Vida Health’s diabetes management program shows meaningful outcomes and cost savings

Validation Institute confirms Vida Health’s diabetes management program shows meaningful outcomes and cost savings

San Francisco, Sept. 8, 2021 — Virtual chronic care platform Vida Health announced today that Validation Institute has validated Vida’s virtually delivered diabetes management program and service for reducing users blood glucose level by a meaningful amount and providing cost savings for payers.

The Validation Institute is an objective, independent, third-party organization that evaluates the data claims made by healthcare solution providers. Vida submitted a peer-reviewed study of its virtual diabetes intervention for examination by Validation. And, after an exhaustive review, the Validation statisticians confirmed that Vida’s program shows meaningful reductions in blood glucose levels. In all cases Validation examined, the change from baseline to follow-up was statistically significant and far above the threshold considered meaningful for a patient’s health. High-risk participants had a greater average reduction than low-risk participants. Their HbA1c results went down on average 1.44 points. In populations struggling with glycemic control, a one-percentage point improvement in HbA1c results was associated with a 14-19% decrease in total medical costs.

“Even without a pandemic, there are so many barriers that keep people from participating in traditional diabetes management programs — cost, need for referrals, scheduling and transportation challenges — just to name a few,” said Gretchen Zimmermann, RD, CDCES, Director of Clinical Dietetics at Vida Health and lead author of the paper that was examined by Validation Institute. “So many of those challenges are instantly removed with a personalized virtual diabetes management program like Vida’s. These results speak for themselves, and it’s so gratifying to have the Validation Institute certify our outcomes. We hope that this leads to even more people living with type 2 diabetes getting help managing their disease.“

Vida has full-stack solutions in both English and Spanish and serves members in all 50 states. Vida’s clients include employers like Boeing, Visa, Cisco, and eBay, along with some of the country’s largest health plans like Centene, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

The complete Validation report can be found here.

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