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Vida Health expands its cardiometabolic capabilities to include GLP-1s for diabetes management and weight loss

San Francisco, Feb. 13, 2023 — Vida Health is expanding its solution for chronic conditions by adding the ability to prescribe and deprescribe glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) agonists for both type 2 diabetes and obesity for appropriate patients. As part of Vida’s value-oriented treatments for cardiometabolic conditions, patients with obesity and diabetes will now be candidates for GLP-1 therapy within the Vida platform.

With the addition of GLP-1s and other obesity medications in higher acuity cases, Vida Health will be able to provide patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes a more comprehensive and integrated set of options for managing their conditions. This includes medication management, prescription and deprescription, personalized care plans from licensed professionals, medical nutrition therapy, remote monitoring, and therapy for depression and anxiety.

“Obesity is not just a physical challenge, but a costly chronic disease that can sometimes demand a more comprehensive approach than just diet and exercise. As Vida’s Chief Medical Officer, I strongly believe that it’s imperative we tackle this problem directly to enhance our members’ health and well-being,” said Richard Frank, MD. “With Vida’s new ability to manage obesity medications for those who require more intensive treatment, we aim to not only improve the lives of our members but also assist our partners in achieving long-term cost savings by reducing the impact of obesity-related health problems.”

Personalization is a core tenet of Vida’s services given the multifaceted approach that’s needed to effectively treat chronic conditions including both cardiometabolic and mental health conditions. Unlike some solutions that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, Vida’s programs are modular by design and tailored to the individual. Pairing evidence-based therapies with machine learning tools, Vida has proven outcomes that scale through even large, diverse populations.

“While Vida’s behavior change interventions have always delivered strong outcomes in diabetes and obesity, the scientific consensus is clear that some people also need medications,” said Stephanie Tilenius, Founder and CEO of Vida Health. “These new prescribing and deprescribing capabilities really bring us a step closer to our vision of being able to treat the full spectrum of cardiometabolic conditions including higher acuity diabetes and obesity patients with mental health challenges — in one app, with one care team.”

Vida’s virtual cardiometabolic solutions combined with mental health services cover employees or members in all 50 states in both English and Spanish. Clients include employers like Boeing, Bass Pro Shops, Cisco, and Prudential, along with some of the country’s largest health plans such as Centene, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Vida has proven clinical outcomes across a range of conditions, including diabetes, depression, hypertension, anxiety, and obesity. Vida is the only virtual chronic care solution to guarantee outcomes through a value-based pricing structure that puts 100% of Vida’s fees at risk for both physical and mental health outcomes.

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