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Vida Health launches the most comprehensive virtual care solution for small businesses

The new package lets small employers provide employees with Vida’s comprehensive, all-in-one healthcare solution for physical and mental conditions.

San Francisco, March 9, 2022 — Today Vida Health announced the launch of Vida for Small Business — the new, comprehensive virtual care solution for employers with lower numbers of employees than virtual health companies usually serve. The new package gives smaller organizations access to the same best-in-class integrated physical and mental care from Vida as larger ones.

In today’s competitive talent environment, demand has skyrocketed for small businesses to offer benefits that attract and retain top talent. Historically, smaller companies have been underserved by innovative healthcare companies that prefer to target larger groups. Small businesses were forced to select from point solutions that only serve a very small fraction of their employee base. With Vida for Small Business, these companies can now provide virtual care through Vida’s comprehensive tool for supporting employees’ physical and mental health needs.

“The Great Resignation,’ ‘The War for Talent,’ ‘The Big Quit,’ whatever you call it…the hardships of reducing turnover over the past 24 months have been real for employers of all sizes,” said Terry Cox, Principal, Senior Health & Benefit Consultant at Mercer. “Too often, smaller employers get overlooked by benefits providers, but their struggles and needs match that of larger employers. Vida’s commitment to this underserved group is really exciting and I can’t wait to see the progress they make in the space.”

Unlike other products that use health coaching transactionally, or attempt to substitute it through software alone, Vida for Small Business will provide the same 1:1 personalized care that’s available to large Vida clients like PayPal, Boeing, and Prudential. From depression to diabetes, Vida has full-stack virtual healthcare solutions for physical and mental health conditions. Services are available in both English and Spanish in all 50 states. Vida is the only solution designed from the ground up to simultaneously treat the full spectrum of physical and mental conditions that contribute to chronic disease. Vida has proven clinical outcomes across a range of conditions, including diabetes, depression, hypertension, anxiety, and weight loss.

“As an employer with just over 100 lives, we really struggled to find a virtual solution that would provide the features we were looking for at a cost that fit our budget,” said Cheryl Engel, Senior Director of Human Resources for the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. “When we discovered Vida back in 2020 they worked hard to make the program work for us. Now, nearly two years into our partnership, we still feel valued as a customer and it’s been great for our employees.”

“As the HR team of a small healthcare organization, we’re always looking for meaningful benefits to engage our staff while also fitting within our budget,” said Mark Boehrer, Director Of Human Resources for Vida client Long Island Select Healthcare. “Vida has been a terrific partner and has helped our staff in so many ways.”

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