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Capital Rx and Vida Health Partner to Launch Rx Activate, a High-Touch Chronic Condition Management Program

Rx Activate leverages JUDI®, Capital Rx’s proprietary enterprise health platform, and Vida’s virtual cardiometabolic solutions to help plan sponsors manage and control costs related to chronic conditions in their populations

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2023 — Capital Rx, the full-service pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and pharmacy benefit administrator (PBA) advancing our nation’s healthcare infrastructure to improve drug price visibility and patient outcomes, is partnering with Vida Health to launch Rx Activate and provide its clients with access to additional resources and options to help manage cardiometabolic conditions via personalized virtual care.

With chronic conditions driving over $3.6 trillion in total healthcare expenditures in the U.S., it’s hard to ignore the problem plan sponsors face. Employer-funded health plans cover nearly two-thirds of workers in America.1 And it’s no secret that the treatment of cardiometabolic-based chronic conditions tends to drive stop-loss reimbursements, which can push premiums up in subsequent years. Capital Rx and Vida are addressing some fundamental gaps in care with a formulary- and benefit-aligned program: Rx Activate includes high-touch medication management supported by exceptional member service to build trust with providers and patients and help bring down the total cost of care.

“The ability to leverage JUDI®, a purpose-built enterprise health platform, to connect data sources, share information in real-time with stakeholders, and streamline workflows such as prior authorization, is a step forward in care delivery,” said Sara Izadi, PharmD, Chief Clinical Officer at Capital Rx. “Combining JUDI with Vida’s solutions for several of the most prevalent chronic conditions provides employers, municipalities, health plans, and other payers with a way to rein in and control their plan spend.”

How the Capital Rx & Vida Partnership Aims to Bring Value to Clients

Plan members would have access to Vida’s providers and resources for cardiometabolic conditions, including hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and weight management. Mental health support for depression and anxiety, which often accompany these conditions, is also provided.

Plan sponsors and administrators can choose from three Rx Activate options, which include devices, labs, and medication prescribing, as needed:

  1. Rx Activate Standard focuses on the prevention and management of chronic conditions, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, prediabetes and diabetes, COPD, and asthma, among others;
  2. Rx Activate, Obesity Step Solution, is for higher-acuity members and includes step-up-step-down prescribing of medications for weight management such as GLP-1s, behavior change therapy, medical nutrition therapy, and streamlined prior authorization (i.e., gold carding); and
  3. Rx Activate+, which includes everything covered by Rx Activate Standard and the Obesity Step Solution.

“Vida and Capital Rx share several goals, not least of which is to empower plan members to take control of their health and guide them toward improved outcomes, whether it be weight management, blood pressure control, diabetes care, or co-occurring socioeconomic and mental health factors,” said Richard Frank, Chief Medical Officer for Vida Health. “With the ability to seamlessly exchange information with Capital Rx via JUDI for the full range of conditions for which we have proven clinical outcomes, and those we may strive to tackle in the future, we clearly see the potential power of integrating our systems to provide whole-person care and improve healthcare affordability.”

Together, JUDI and Vida’s digital tools can offer chronic condition management and high-touch cardiometabolic care that delivers equitable health outcomes, addressing members regardless of socioeconomic status. Vida offers 25+ different cultural diets, full Spanish capabilities, food insecurity interventions, as well as tools to manage social isolation and emotional eating.


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