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Vida Health Collaborates with OUTRIGGER Resorts & Hotels to Enhance Employee Benefits with Innovative Diabetes Management Program

Vida Health, a leading virtual cardiometabolic clinic is excited to announce a new collaboration with OUTRIGGER Resorts & Hotels, one of the world’s premier beach resort companies. This alliance aims to enrich OUTRIGGER’s employee benefits program by integrating Vida Health’s personalized diabetes management solutions, tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of each of OUTRIGGER’s employees living with diabetes.

OUTRIGGER Hotels & Resorts is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of its diverse workforce. Recognizing the growing need for comprehensive chronic disease management, OUTRIGGER has chosen Vida Health’s virtual care services to empower employees with diabetes to take control of their health through a holistic and integrated approach.

Eligible employees will have access to Vida Health’s Chronic Pathway, a tailored program designed to provide individualized care and support for diabetes management. The program centers around personalized Vida care plans, which address the unique health needs and goals of each participant, ensuring that every aspect of their diabetes care is coordinated and effective.

Participants in the program will benefit from a wide range of services aimed at optimizing their health outcomes:

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: Personalized dietary guidance from registered dietitians to help manage blood sugar levels and improve overall health.
  • Prescribing/Deprescribing: Medication management by Vida’s clinical team, ensuring that all prescribed treatments are effective and clinically appropriate.
  • Medical Management: Including medication titration and adjustment, medication reconciliation, and lab orders to ensure optimal treatment efficacy.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of vital health metrics such as blood glucose and blood pressure, enabling real-time adjustments to care plans.

“Vida is thrilled to collaborate with OUTRIGGER Resorts & Hotels to deliver a diabetes care program that’s as innovative as it is impactful,” said Joe Murad, CEO at Vida Health. “Our comprehensive approach, combining personalized care plans with advanced technology, will provide OUTRIGGER’s employees with the tools they need to manage their diabetes effectively and improve their quality of life.”

Vida’s virtual cardiometabolic solutions for chronic physical and mental health conditions serve members in all 50 states in English and Spanish. Vida has proven clinical outcomes across a range of conditions, including diabetes, weight loss, depression, hypertension, and anxiety. Vida is the only virtual chronic care solution in its class to guarantee outcomes through a value-based pricing structure that puts 100 percent of Vida’s fees at risk for both physical and mental health outcomes.

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